En proceso 2007-2015

“IN PROCESS 2007-2015” is the creative universe of Arturo Laso through his gaze takes us to a metaphysical world where there is place for thoughts that roam the subconscious.

He explores an inner world, investigating their images to invite us to walk among them. His intimate and introverted language uses forms from a harmonious minimalism of open spaces, where he plays with empty and its complement to create a whole.

Arturo invites us on a journey to obtain a reflection about the human soul on the ethereal and corporeal, in a project where the beginning and the end is not defined, as all vital project because we do not know when it starts and when it ends.

Miguel Vidales

For further information about 'In Process' or the Arturo Laso's work feel free to contact through the form below or in this email address: info@arturolaso.es

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